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SJ Article Carousel

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article carousel product pictureSJ Article Carousel is a jquery articles slideshow that presents the information from your articles in a horizontal jquery slider with navigation.
Simple and easy to use, the jquery slider has controllable width, height and number of items to display. The article slideshow can be customized with colors and borders. Also the article slideshow and can display full text or just the intro text with read more tags.
SJ article carousel is built to read articles from a specific category or from multiple article Id's. It can be used to slideshow articles, showcase featured products with links to the shop or even as a image carousel slider.


Price: 26.00 USD



SJ Article Carousel Features

  • Infinite no. of articles
  • Multiple categories can be added to slideshow
  • Select articles by category or by Id
  • Navigation
  • Controlable width and height
  • Variable number of columns
  • Autoplay time control
  • Slide items per click or per slideshow
  • Title headings
  • Show/hide "Read more"
  • Show/hide titles, intro text, full text
  • Background and Text colors
  • Borders design options

How to use SJ Article Carousel

1. Installing SJ Article Carousel

After you downloaded your Joomla extension, just go to Extensions -> Extension Manager -> select the Upload Package File from the top tabs -> click on the Choose File button and select the SJ Article Carousel zip file -> click on the Upload & Install blue button.
Your module will now appear in the Module Manager section.


2. Basic settings for your extension

In the Extensions -> Module Manager section, find your SJ Article Carousel module and click on it to acess the module's setup section.
First, from the right side of the page change the Status of the module into Published, put it into the desired Position and, if you want your module to be displayed with a title, select from the right Show at the Show Title section. Last, give your module the title that you want it to be displayed with.
Also, don't forget to set the display for your module on the pages you want it to be shown: Module Assignment section.


3. General Settings

3.1. Source settings

SJ Article Carousel is built to read articles from a specific category or from multiple category/article Id's. Having this im mind, you have to select just one of them, these options don't work together. It's just Select Category, or just Category IDs, or just Article IDs.


You can take the category/article IDs from Joomla's backend, the last column information, please see in the below picture:


Inside both Category IDs and Article IDs, please insert each id folowed by coma, without any spacing.

3.2. Customization

These are the option for the module's basic design and functionality, such as:

Width and Height: sets the dimensions for the module

Autoplay/ Autoplay speed: you can choose wether the carousel is static or not when browsing the webpage and also, you can set the speed you want to slide with.

Columns: you can choose the no. of columns to be shown/slide.

Slides to scroll: sets how many items to scroll manually or when autoplay.

Title and text options: show/hide titles, link titles, heading styles, show/hide intro text, full text and read more.


3.3. Borders and colors

In this section you can customize the colors for background, text and also the module's border.



These are the options you can find in the module's backend.





emailsupport1Product support

When buying this extension, you will also receive 6 months of free support for any functionallity issues regarding your product. 

The support provided does not include any module customization or setup, additional options or features. 

If you encounter any functionallity issue regarding your recently bought extension, please send us a message using the contact form from the right section of this page and we will be happy to help you.


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We are a bunch of developers and web designers that are providing professional website solutions, both coding and graphics.

Our services include:

- Website developement: design from scratch, content management system, structure and content

- Joomla extensions

- Graphic design for both web and print: logo, stationery, illustrations

Order our services

If you need any of our extra services, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. The prices will be discussed depending on your requirements.

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0 #9 Radu Adrian 2017-08-29 07:11
Quoting Jossean Santiago:
Hi. Before I decide to buy this module, I'd like to know if it works for smartphones. Do you have a demo for smartphones? Thank you.

Hi Jossean
Yes it works on smartphones. We have a clean demo here
Just enter from your smartphone and see how it works
if you need more info a backend demo also available here
user demo
pass demo
0 #8 Jossean Santiago 2017-08-28 19:16
Hi. Before I decide to buy this module, I'd like to know if it works for smartphones. Do you have a demo for smartphones? Thank you.
0 #7 BHW 2017-04-26 04:38
Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the issues.

It was really informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
Many thanks for sharing!
0 #6 Radu Adrian 2017-02-27 09:48
Hi Eleonora
Just follow the how to use SJ Article Carousel tab info. There is information about installing and setup. If that is not enough use the support form to send me an email with the issue and a link to your page and i will have a look at your specific website.
0 #5 eleonora planeta 2017-02-26 13:32
Hi, can you explain how to realize the carousel like a demo, please? I Bought the module but i have some dificult to configure it.
0 #4 Radu Adrian 2017-02-09 17:00
Thank you Chris
0 #3 Chris Oliff 2017-02-09 16:59
Excellent module at excellent value
Mine is a community magazine portal so there's no cash for software except from my own pocket.

So I choose carefully.

I reckoned that this one would enhance the magazine and would be worth trying for the very small fee being asked. And, yes, I am pleased.

It is extremely easy to set up and use ... and it is very effective.

I would like to say that service is excellent but that's for another time because it wasn't needed.

Well done :-)
+1 #2 Radu Adrian 2017-02-09 16:57
Sure, place just photos in the articles
0 #1 Jane 2017-02-09 16:57
Can i use this for pictures only?

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