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sj audiofly product picture

AudioFly has lots of uses: music shops, bands and musicians portofolios and every website you wish to have a cool music player...


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Price: 24.00 USD

product picture spot featured articles

Spot Featured Articles gives a proffesional and modern look to your articles through it's key features...

Price: 28.00 USD

Photo gallery product picture

This is a very simple to use photo gallery, vith a nice and clean design that fits every website.

Price: 0.00 USD

accordion menu product picture

Want a simple vertical menu with some nice JQuery effects? This is what you are lookong for

Price: 14.00 USD

ultimate gallery productpic

Want a stylish customised photo gallery? Just set up your photos inside the Item Setup backend, set your looks and there you have it!

Price: 38.00 USD

article carousel product picture

SJ Article Carousel is a jquery articles slideshow that presents the information from your articles in a horizontal jquery slider with navigation

Price: 26.00 USD

sticky product picture

SJ Sticky any Module is a Joomla sticky module that allows you to place other modules anywhere on the screen

Price: 36.00 USD

horizontal showcase product picture

SJ Horizontal Accordion Showcase is a light module with an easy set-up that allows you to have an image slider done in no time.

Price: 28.00 USD

video player product picture

Get yourself a user-friendly, mobile friendly, online video player with lots of backend options...

Price: 34.00 USD